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The Ministry Team

Rev Jane Clarke

Pastor of MCC in Glasgow


I first went to an MCC church back in 1993 when I lived in London and I knew straight away that I was welcome in the growing congregation.  Even though I was one of very few women who attended back then their use of inclusive language showed me how committed they were to be a church where everyone was welcome. Inclusive language in church was quite unusual back then. I soon became active in the congregation and gradually felt the call to be ordained.  I studied theology at Thames Polytechnic (now the University of Greenwich) and graduated in 1995. Later that year I was invited to become the pastor of MCC East London where I remained until I felt God calling me to Glasgow to plant an MCC here.  



Worship Team


The Worship Team is headed up by Jane and works together to make our Sunday Worship, and any special services such as the World AIDS Day and Pride celebrations, special and relevant to our lives today.  Within the worship team there are preachers, worship leaders and musicians.  The liturgy styles and the hymns that we use come from many different traditions and are a reflection of the many backgrounds that we come from.



Outreach Team


Kate heads up our Outreach Team which is responsible for all our advertising and information.  The team is made up of people with different skills such as event organising and publicity and together they ensure that as many people as possible know about the love of God through adverts, badges, placards, posters and much more.



Hospitality Team


We have a fabulous hospitality team headed up by Susan.  After worship you are guaranteed a great cup of fair-trade tea or coffee, biscuits and possible even some homemade gluten and dairy free cake.





The Committee act as the trustees of MCCinG and oversee how the church is run and are charged with the good stewardship of all of our resources.  They are responsible for making sure there are appropriate policies in place, bills are paid and that all the teams are working well.  There are four trustees who are elected by members of the church every two years and the meetings are chaired by the Pastor.

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