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The Metropolitan Community Church in Glasgow began as a dream for a small group of people and in 2007 began to meet in Glasgow as a group within MCC in Edinburgh. We met monthly for prayer and Bible study in peoples’ homes and in January 2008 we met for our first monthly public worship service in the Bell Street LGBT Centre. In 2009 we began to meet weekly in Ibrox Parish Church. Ever since that dream began God has continually provided people, sanctuary, resources and opportunities for us to grow in faith and love and show the LGBTQ+ people and communities in the West of Scotland that there is a God and a church who are longing for them to return home.


The Metropolitan Community Church has a long and distinguished history.  It began in 1968 in Los Angeles when the young gay pastor, Troy Perry was called to start a church which not only welcomed lesbian and gay people but would also campaign for Gay Rights in the US and across the globe. Recently MCC has been at the centre of the work going on in Poland and Romania. MCC first came to the UK in 1971 through a group of lesbian and gay christians in London and in 1995 the first Scottish MCC was born in Edinburgh.


In MCCinG today you will find a diverse community of people who come from many different faith and cultural backgrounds as well as ages ranging from 6 months to 70 years.  

Who we are

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